Antioxidants as sunblock?

It’s hard sometimes, and very easy to forget, to apply your sunblock…I know. At Glow Med Spa, we always hear “I wear it when I go to the beach” or “When I’m at the river.” But what about when you’re driving in your car? When you’re walking your dogs or shopping at one of Richmond’s awesome outdoor … [Read more...]

Learn why you should have a consistent waxing routine

So, it’s spring in Richmond, Virginia…and  you start your waxing routine. Your first wax is always the ouchiest because you have thick hair roots, but each time you come in it gets easier and easier (phew!). You love the silky, smoothing affects of the Brazilian Bikini Wax.  You tell your … [Read more...]

Botox or Fillers… What do I need?

A lot of Glow Med Spa’s clients have asked, “Whats the difference between Botox and Fillers?" Big difference... Huge! Botox stops the muscle contractions; fillers plump up the furrows.  BUT it’s even more important to emphasize that in trained hands, Botox does not paralyze muscles. Rather, it is … [Read more...]

Curse fine lines…Hello injectable fillers

Are the fine lines around your mouth aging you beyond your years? Many women begin to experience fine lines around their mouth as they mature in age.  Some may have been smokers back in the day, others get them genetically passed down from their mother and grandmother. Either way, fine lines … [Read more...]