Waxing Technicians

At Waxing Station by Glow Med Spa, we have the best Waxing Techs in town. Each Glow Girl is trained in the art of our Painless Brazilian Wax and will make your experience super SWEET no matter what you’re waxing!

Waxing Station Team

Shia | Waxing Technician | Waxing Station by Glow Med SpaShia: Master Esthetician Instructor | Laser Technician | Owner

Shia has been working in the skin care industry for over 12 years, during which time she has gained knowledge and experience in all aspects of skin.

Since graduating with her Masters in Esthetics, she continues her education with post graduate courses and seminars across America.  To ensure that her clients are getting the latest in products and services, her ongoing studies include: Laser TechnologiesAdvanced Concept in Medical Skincare, Oxygen Technology, Advanced Treatments of Sun Damaged and Aging Skin, plus many other skin related categories. Learn more about Shia here

Nakisha | Waxing Tech | Glow Med Spa Waxing Station Nakisha: Waxing Technician 

Nakisha’s love for Glow Med Spa and her passion for education lead her to tap into another aspect of the spa industry. She decided in 2013 to further her education and attend and received her Waxing Technician certification. This allows her to not only make people feel great with massage, but also look great with Glows awesome waxing technique. With her background as a massage therapist she sets a fun, calming, and relaxing experience in the waxing room. Nakisha plans to one day become a master esthetician to provide a 360 service at Glow Med Spa.

Jennifer: Waxing Technician 

If you’ve been coming to Glow Med Spa for a while now, you’ll be excited to know our superb front desk coordinator for over 5 years, Jennifer, has decided to pursue a career as a Waxing Technician at the Waxing Station! Known for providing excellent customer service and having a passion for the spa world, Jennifer knew that getting her waxing license would be a great start to her new endeavor. While training with the Waxing Station team, Jennifer realized the wonderful connections made with each and every client. It truly feels like working on friends! With her calm demeanor and attention to detail, not only will you be at ease during your service but you’ll also receive a exceptional service with outstanding results.  Schedule a wax with Jennifer today!

Amanda: Waxing Technician

Amanda comes from a career background in makeup artistry. After living in Los Angeles for 8 years and learning a great deal through her education and clients, she soon developed a love for healthy skin and what it took to achieve that. She knew the spa industry would be the best option to pursue this passion, and Glow Med Spa was the perfect home for her as she began her new career path! Beginning as a Front Desk Coordinator and quickly receiving her certification in wax technology this past year has been such an exciting start to her esthetics journey. Amanda creates a warm, cheerful and easygoing atmosphere while achieving 100% client satisfaction at our Waxing Station. Come see what our newest Wax Technician at Glow is all about!

 Tara: Waxing Technician

Tara, a native of Nepal, has been in the skin care industry since 2016. Before deciding to follow her dream and go into the expansive world of Esthetics, Tara first worked along side nurses, assisting them through their days, as well as worked with the medication administration.

Growing up as the only girl in a family of five boys, Tara didn’t really get the chance to play around with the fun potions and lotions that sisters tend to experiment with, but she always felt drawn to the beauty industry and wanted to help people feel their best. It was with this goal in mind that she moved to America and started to embark towards new opportunities, which led her to the field of Esthetics.

Tara is still working towards her Masters in Esthetics, but during this time she wants to become an expert waxer so that no matter what service her clients come in to see her for, they will get the five star service they deserve. One of Tara’s favorite areas to wax is eyebrows. She feels that the perfect brow shape can enhance the beauty of the face in the most stunning way, and her clients agree.  Tara is excited to work with Glow and get the chance to create relationships all the Glow girls and wonderful clients!

Ashleigh: Waxing Technician

Ashleigh is the girl next door. Born and raised in Virginia, Ashleigh has a love for creating beauty and an interest in helping others feel their best. Understanding the science behind skincare was a focus of hers from an early age and her answer has always been the same when friends would ask her what she wanted to be when she grew up, it was a career in Esthetics.

Ashleigh has completed her Basic Esthetician training and is enrolled in the Masters Program in order to continue to expand her knowledge, as well as the services she will be able to offer her clients. She particularly enjoys waxing, as it creates an immediate, positive result for her people, and she is able to help them feel more beautiful and confident as they go back into their daily routines.

In the past, Ashleigh has been a caregiver and felt it enhanced her work ethic, as well as nurtured her caring touch, which is an important part of all her client interactions.  She looks forward to creating a relaxing and enjoyable experience for her Waxing Station clients.  When she is not working she loves to spend time with her family, camping and hiking in the outdoors and doting on her two little Shih Tzu’s.

Laini: Waxing Technician 

Making others feel beautiful is one of the many reasons why Laini pursued a career in Esthetics. She loves the beauty industry and realized that this was the perfect career for her. While going to school, she discovered her love for waxing!

She loves that you get instant results and instant confidence. Having worked in customer service in the past, she really listens to her clients and strives to provide the best waxing experience possible.

Laini loves learning and sharing her knowledge with those around her. She wants to educate her clients about their skin and how to care for it. Laini plans to continue her education and is enrolled in the Masters Esthetics Program. Come and see Laini for sweet waxing experience!

All of Glow’s Waxing Technicians are continually furthering their knowledge base in order to provide excellent services and exquisite treatments. We enjoy providing a fresh and SWEET environment and sharing skin care tips and recommendations with you every visit to Waxing Station in Cary Town.


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