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Every Master Esthetician at Glow Med Spa is devoted to glowing and radiant skin. Whether you are quickly popping in for our painless Brazilian wax or trying to get your skin in the best condition possible with a series of facials, our team of highly trained professionals will greet you with a smile and leave you with a glow.Glow Med Spa_ Richmond, VA

Richmond VA day spaShia: Master Esthetician Instructor | Laser Technician | Owner

Shia has been working in the skin care industry for two decades, during which time she has gained knowledge and experience in all aspects of skin.

Since graduating with her Masters in Esthetics, she continues her education with post graduate courses and seminars across America.  To ensure that her clients are getting the latest in products and services, her ongoing studies include: Laser Technologies, Advanced Concept in Medical Skincare, Oxygen Technology, Advanced Treatments of Sun Damaged and Aging Skin, plus many other skin related categories.

As a skin care therapist, Shia feels that educating the clients on their skin is one of the most important aspects of her career. How can you know what to do, if you don’t understand what’s happening?  She understands how pigmentation, adult acne and premature aging not only put your skin in jeopardy, but also your self esteem and confidence. Shia believes that by providing her clients with the knowledge and tools to correct the situation, she can help each individual client reach their skin care goal.

As a spa owner, Shia strives to set Glow Med Spa apart from the typical spa business model. She created a warm and welcoming place that the clients can walk into and feel their stressful everyday world melt away.  On the Northside she worked with a Barksdale’s set designer to come in and create the amazing sights that encompass you as soon as you open the door – a mythical forest. The Northside location is the “Earth” element portion of the creative concept.  And in Short Pump, she built Glow Med Spa “Fire”. Through continued tree incorporation in the entry to the elegant fire torches throughout the treatment area, clients can relax and leave worries at the door.

Shia also puts high importance on making services affordable to everyone. “You shouldn’t have to break the bank to have beautiful skin!” she says. You will find that Glow Med Spa prices are amazingly lower than other day spas, because Shia feels that it’s important to take care of your whole self. Thus, incorporating medical spa treatments to your life should be a consistent element, not a once in a while luxury.  Think eating healthy vs. crash diets. Which one works better for you?

Whether you book with Shia or have the wonderful opportunity to book with another Glow Team Member, she knows that you will be amazed with the professionalism and skill of your therapist. All of Glow Med Spa’s Therapist are continuously furthering their knowledge base in order to provide excellent service and exquisite treatments that our clients will enjoy as they continue to return to Glow Med Spa.

NaKisha: Master Esthetician | Laser Technician

A Summa Cum Laude 2010 graduate of MedSpa Careers Institute with an Associates Degree in Applied Science, Massage Therapy, NaKisha is also nationally certified and licensed through the Virginia Board of Nursing. She believes that touch is more than just a skin to skin interaction —  it’s a healing factor and a basic human need. Certain that bringing healing touch to others is her life’s purpose, NaKisha finds complete gratitude in being part of her clients healing and well being.

NaKisha is continually looking to further her bodywork practice and is extending her education into other areas of bodywork and modalities, such as Reiki with Angels and Acupressure. She looks forward to incorporating a volunteer and work practice that gives her access to help patients of muscular dystrophy.

Anna: Master Esthetician | Laser Technician

Anna, born and raised in Ukraine, has always had a passion for helping people, medically as well as holistically. It was because of this that she felt her calling in life was to be a doctor and made the decision to become a medical assistant at one of her country’s rehabilitation centers for the military immediately after graduating high school. After a couple years, she was accepted to Crimean State Medical University, where through hard work and years of dedication, she graduated as a doctor of medicine in 2001 and started her career in Otolaryngology in Moscow, Russia. 

It was also during this time at the university that she met her husband, a student of dermatology, and they started their exciting life together as a family. While working in Otolaryngology, and raising her beautiful baby boy, Lev, Anna continued to advance her education, which led her down a more alternative path when it came to treating patients. She studied mesotherapy (a branch of medicine founded by the French Doctor of Medicine, Michel Pistor – 1952) and spent time at educational centers (such as Martin”ex) to study more of the paramedical side of esthetics to work with her patients on transforming the skin. 

Anna and her husband then began to pull away from the traditional medical environment and started working together at a Wellness/Rejuvenation Center where the focus was more on full body health, wellness and Aesthetics. Together they offered Mesotherapy, Fillers, Chemical Peels, Bio Rejuvenation in Ukraine. It was around this time that Anna’s family expanded, and she gave birth to her second, beautiful, baby boy, Simon. Though she and her husband had made a wonderful life for themselves in Ukraine, she missed her family, who during the changes that were taking place in her country, had made the decision to leave and start a new life in the United States. So after 15 years Anna, her husband, two boys and family dog decided to pack up and reunite with her family here in America.

As the years went by, she studied the English language and started her path in the Medical Esthetics industry, going back to school to get the licensing Virginia required for her to be able to carry forward her knowledge in this industry and continue to help people. During these years she had heard of Glow Med Spa from coworkers as well as clients, and made it her focus to become a part of the Glow team.  She is so excited to be able to continue in her career with such a strong team of professionals around her here in Richmond and can not wait to meet all of Glow’s beautiful clients. When Anna is not working, she enjoys hiking, oil painting, knitting, aikido, and playing tennis…which their dog, Fina, loves to join in on.

Kaveeta | Glow Med Spa  Kaveeta: Master Esthetician 

Since a young age, Kaveeta has been extremely passionate about skincare and skin improvement. Her skincare journey started in her kitchen, where she and her mother would concoct soaps, lotions and masks with the information they had gathered from the library and latest trends in the fashion magazines. She grew up always believing in the power of ingredients and loving the effect she could achieve when helping her friends treat skin issues. To Kaveeta, beautiful skin equals beautiful confidence.

After obtaining her Master’s License, Kaveeta focused on growing her knowledge by gathering as much information as she could, wherever it was available, but she feels she learned the most over the years from her clients and the many different skin concerns they would request her expertise for. She enjoys being a part of her clients’ journey as they overcome skin challenges and truly finds happiness in seeing their excitement and smiles as they achieve their goals.

Laini: Master Esthetician

Since she was a little girl, Laini loved skin care. Struggling with acne herself, sparked her interest in all things skin. She would try and experiment with different products to achieve healthy that “healthy glow.” In 2019, she decided to turn her passion into a career by enrolling in the Master Esthetics Program here in Virginia.

Although she completed the program in July 2020, she is constantly learning to better help every one of her clients. Her goal in the treatment room is to educate her clients about their skin and help them achieve all their skin care goals. Everybody deserves to feel confident, her goal is to make all her clients feel confident and love their skin.

Ashleigh: Master Esthetician 

Ashleigh was born and raised in Mechanicsville, VA. She always loved makeup and skincare, even as a child. She would always research different skincare products and routines online and loved trying out new makeup. Her family always called her the beauty queen!

After graduating high school, she received her Associates of Applied Sciences, thinking she wanted to go into the medical field. Around this time, she started struggling with severe acne.

After a lot of research and trying many different products that not only did not improve her skin, but actually worsened it, she went to a med spa and received her first facial. After receiving monthly facials and starting a good home care regimen, she noticed major changes in her skin and began to feel confident again. She learned a lot about her skin during this journey, but wanted to learn more. While finishing her master esthetics program she began waxing at the Waxing Station in Carytown. She loved and enjoyed waxing but was excited to be able to offer more services to her clients!

She knows how it feels to be self-conscious about your skin and want to help others achieve healthy, glowing skin. Ashleigh believes it is important to educate clients not only on what is happening within their skin but what we can do at home and in treatment to achieve their skin goals. She is looking forward to continuing her education so she can give the best care and education to all of her clients.

Victoria (Vee): Master Esthetician

Born in Richmond, but having been raised overseas for the majority of her life, Victoria has been exposed to a myriad of different approaches to skincare health and beauty. From Chinese Traditional Medicine remedies, to German apothecary DIYs, she found fascinating results through trial-and-error on herself and her family.

With a Bachelors Degree in Global Affairs and International Relations from George Mason University, Victoria often felt unfulfilled at her various desk jobs, yearning for a career that could actually make a difference in the lives of others. However, while suffering from severe acne throughout school, she took the Korean 10-step skincare approach to remedy her skin concerns. After such a drastic transformation, from both physical skin improvement and boosted confidence, Victoria now knew where she wanted her career to start — to begin helping others heal and to have their inner beauty reflected through their skin health and wellness.

Since then, Victoria has graduated from the Dermal Science International Aesthetics Academy for Aesthetics, and Lillique Training Institute for Permanent Cosmetic Makeup, and she is a well-rounded individual who, through the Master Apprenticeship Program at Glow Med Spa, understands how skin health effects a person both physically and mentally. She is adept at various facials, full-body waxing, eyelash extensions, microblading, sunless airbrush tanning and more. Constantly engaged in the realm of skincare, Victoria stays up to date on the newest technology, products, and CEU’s available in the industry.

Victoria enjoys educating clients during their treatments, and is an eager advocate for home care to help keep them achieving their best skincare results.

Healthy skin is happy skin, and Victoria is ready to get you Glowing!

Tiffany: Master Esthetician

Tiffany is an aesthetician with over 10 years of practice since graduating from the Aveda Institute NYC in 2009.  She has continued to add areas of expertise since then and has earned numerous post graduate certifications and has become skilled in various aspects of aesthetics, holding aesthetician/master aesthetician licenses in 4 states.

Tiffany also specializes in gemstone therapy facials, customized chemical peels, radio frequency, various laser treatments, specialized waxing, aromatherapy, Egyptian body sugaring, and bridal makeup. She is committed to customizing and tailoring treatments to successfully yield glamorous results. 

Ambar: Master Esthetician

Ambar graduated from Avenue Five Institute Esthetics Program in Austin, TX and is highly trained in a vast range of skilled waxing and skin treatments. Ambar chose the beauty industry because she is passionate about skincare, loves meeting people, and helping them feel and look their best.

Ambar has worked at several spas and has had the opportunity to travel to Texas and Virginia and grow her knowledge in Esthetics. Her goal is to make people feel confident in their skin with proper skin care treatments and at home care.

(bio & picture coming soon) Amanda: Master Esthetician

All of Glow Med Spa’s therapists are continually furthering their knowledge base in order to provide excellent services and exquisite treatments. We enjoy providing a soothing environment and sharing skin care tips and recommendations with every visit.

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