Glow Med Spa, known for our painless Brazilian bikini waxing, now offers virtually painless LASER hair removal at our Short Pump and Midlothian locations.  Our amazing lasers not only targets the hair more efficiently, but shoots out ice at the same time, so you don’t feel the heat associated with the laser treatments.

Come in for a complimentary consultation prior to beginning your laser sessions. Our Certified Laser Technicians will help you figure out approximately how many treatments you will need to accomplish your laser hair removal goals. Below are prices for female treatments. Males can find pricing here.

Bikini Area Laser:

  • High Bikini – $130
  • Basic Brazilian – $140
  • Sensual Brazilian – $165
  • Bare Brazilian – $175
  • Thigh add on – $75

Face + Neck Laser:

  • Full face – $140
  • Lip – $45
  • Chin – $45
  • Sideburns – $40
  • Cheeks – $55
  • Jawline (covers everything on the jaw bone) – $55
  • Neck front – $65
  • Neck back – $65

Face + Neck Laser Package Deals:

  • Half face (lip, sideburns, cheeks, jawline) – $120 
  • Half face + Front neck – $150
  • Full face (half face, temples, forehead, between brows) – $140

Arms + Underarms Laser:

  • Underarm – $95
  • Full arm – $180
  • Half lower arm (elbow down) – $90
  • Upper arm (elbow to beginning of underarm crease) – $90
  • Shoulders – $90
  • Hands – $75

Back + Stomach:

  • Full back – $200
  • Lower back – $95
  • Stomach ( covers from the base of the rib cage down to the top of the hip bone) – $100
  • Happy trail – $55
  • Chest – $80
  • Areolas – $45

Legs, Feet, Buttocks + Stomach Laser:

  • Leg – Half/ Full – $225-450
  • Stomach – $80
  • Areola – $45
  • Abdomen/ “happy trail” – $55
  • Buttocks – $150
  • Tops of feet – $50
  • Toes – $35

Spot Treatments:

  • Once the area has successfully been treated, should any little hairs pop up in the future, we will target them by doing simple spot treatments. Covers up to 15 pulses. – $30
  • Additional pulses after 30 –  $1.50/pulse


Purchase a package of six or more laser hair removal treatments, and get 10% off!


** Laser Hair Removal Notes:

All prices listed are for single laser hair removal sessions for women. Hair has multiple growth cycles and will typically take 4-6 individual treatment sessions for removal.

Clients must shave within 24 hours of their appointment. If an area has been missed and a Laser Technician needs to remove stubble, a $10 charge will be applied. If an extensive area is missed, pretreatment shaving by your Technician may cost more and allow for less body area to receive the laser hair removal treatment due to appointment time. Read more now for how to prepare for your laser treatment.

ShaveBeforeLaser | Women

Glow Med Spa Short Pump and Midlothian utilize the absolute best laser technology available to quickly, safely and effectively remove unwanted hair from any body area or any skin color.  Our FDA approved Candela GentleMax hair removal laser sets us apart from the other laser treatments in Richmond, VA. With Glow Med Spa’s hair removal laser, you will receive completely hair free skin in the least number of treatments without the need of messy gels or expensive numbing creams.

Call today to schedule your complimentary laser hair removal consultation to decide if laser is right for you.

With laser treatments this quick and with little to no discomfort, you’ll be glad you made the time today.  Plus, at Glow Med Spa we don’t require you to buy a package to get the best price available. We will always provide you with the most affordable prices and virtually painless results.

Please review our FAQs and Appointment Cancellation Policy.

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