Learn why you should have a consistent waxing routine

So, it’s spring in Richmond, Virginia…and  you start your waxing routine. Your first wax is always the ouchiest because you have thick hair roots, but each time you come in it gets easier and easier (phew!).

You love the silky, smoothing affects of the Brazilian Bikini Wax.  You tell your girlfriends about your awesome Brazilian Bikini Wax and wearing a swimsuit becomes a breeze. Your boyfriend loves and sometimes books for you…your Brazilian Bikini Wax!!! Then…the first autumn leaf drops and…what happened to your Brazilian Bikini Wax???

You won’t be in a swimsuit, so why bother? Your boyfriend likes you no matter what. Well, while it might be tempting come fall to stop waxing, it’s actually the perfect time to reduce your hair and keep your waxing schedule on track.

By waxing through the winter months, you maintain all the hard work you put in during the summer; meaning your hairs will continue to grow back more slowly and become thinner. It will keep your hairs’ growth cycle on track and minimize in-grown hair because it’s such an effective exfoliant. Plus….why not have that silky smoothness all year round?

Oh, and this really makes sense for all your waxing needs…eyebrows, chin, upper lip, legs, you name it. Keep up a waxing schedule and see the above benefits for whatever body part you’re waxing.

That means you, too, boys. Maintaining a back waxing schedule is key to keeping your wax as pain free as possible.

So there we have it ladies and gents, no excuses… believe us, you’ll be glad you did!