Sparkling Holiday Skin from Shia

A little note from Glow's Owner and Master Esthetician, Shia: One of my favorites correction lines to use for breakouts, pigment and age prevention comes from our amazing Skinceuticals line! With the holiday season coming on, more stress means more sebum production... aka: more … [Read more...]

Chemical Peels – Thinking Of Trying One?

Have you been considering your skin lately and how the summer left it a little lack luster and thirsty? It's a common problem. All that amazing sunshine and pool time. Even with your daily habit of wearing sunscreen, the extra cocktails and increased sun exposure, plus heat and sweat can leave your … [Read more...]

What to do about Adult Acne

Isn't it some kind of evil joke to be a grown adult and still dealing with acne? We think it is. That's why we are so thankful to have seen hundreds of our customers come in with adult acne and work with us to develop custom plans to manage it and GET RID OF ACNE. ¬†Interested? Being mammals, our … [Read more...]

Juicing recipes for glowing skin

You may have heard people on TV or friends talking about "juicing." People can be REALLY into it for all sorts of reasons. You'll find the Glow team talking about juicing for two key reasons: the healthy skin benefits and the added cleansing effect after a massage. Like a monthly facial visit to … [Read more...]