Chemical Peels – Thinking Of Trying One?

Have you been considering your skin lately and how the summer left it a little lack luster and thirsty? It’s a common problem. All that amazing sunshine and pool time. Even with your daily habit of wearing sunscreen, the extra cocktails and increased sun exposure, plus heat and sweat can leave your skin looking a little dull and ready for a Fall freshener.

It’s time to speak to your Esthetician about a Chemical Peel at Glow Med Spa.  Not only has Glow made them affordable (can be upwards of $200+ at most med spas and dermatologist offices), but they really work.  Depending on your skin and the treatment you choose, there can be some recovery time, but it doesn’t have to keep you from going to work, school or attending the first PTA meeting of the school year.  It’s more about understanding the process and educating someone on what you’re doing, if they ask. (You won’t be getting stopped on the street by strangers worried about you — Think best friend who would totally tell you something is in your teeth…which you always appreciate!)

Is this starting to interest you – here is some more info that may help you finally decide to give one a try!

What is a chemical peel?

It’s an exfoliation technique achieved by controlling the depth of damage done by acid application. Essentially it is a controlled burn of the skin that can improve skin texture and target acneic skin, scars, pigmentation, wrinkles and elasticity through the use of approved and clinically tested acids. Depending on which Chemical Peel you and your esthetician decide is right for your skin, the steps and acid may be different, but the basic experience after the treatment and results are similar… Your outermost layers of skin peel off and you’re left with fresh and bright new skin that literally glows. There are superficial, medium and deep peels. Depending on what you need, the Esthetician will apply the chemical solution to your face and allow it to penetrate for a specific period of time.

What’s the skin peeling period like after?

Just as all things, it depends on your skin type and what treatment you have, but it’s usually about 2 to 14 days of your skin shedding or peeling off. You can look a little flakey, possibly even red or a little scabbed over in areas, but always remember that for optimal results, the skin should not be bothered during this process. Your Esthetician will give you specific steps to care for your skin once you’re at home. She will put extra reminders on NOT MESSING with the skin peeling process. Removing the skin before it is naturally ready can damage the new skin underneath. It’s really an act of patience and belief that your skin is going to be amazing after (which it will!). Keeping up with your recommended skin regiment and liberal application of sunscreen, even if you just sit in an office all day, will let your skin turn over at a more accelerated rate and emerge gorgeous.

Does a Chemical Peel hurt?

The chemical, when applied to your face and left on for whatever time frame your Esthetician sees best, can create a burning sensation.  Depending on what level of peel you are doing, you may want to take some oral over the counter pain reliever. Your Esthetician will also be talking with you the whole time and making sure your level of comfort is okay. Once the peel is removed, the burning sensation is gone. Depending on the acid, Glow uses several cooling techniques to help our clients manage any discomfort, so always remember to communicate.

Can anyone get a Chemical Peel and how often?

Our Micro-Peel is a superficial peel that is usually safe for all skin types. The more intense the peel, the more dramatic the results. Our Vi-Peel is our deepest peel. This peel was developed for all skin types, however it’s possible unwanted side effects can include Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, if a person’s skin is more reactive to heat.  Understanding this makes the after care, as well as avoiding any topical prescriptions prior to the service, key in having a successful turnover. It can pigment darker skin, so you definitely want to discuss what type of peel would be best for your desired results ahead of time with your Esthetician. Depending on your skincare goals and personal regiment, a peel can be had about every 4 weeks. Glow Med Spa offers a discount on Peel Packages, as we have found a series of them can help people attain the best results.

So now it’s time to talk with your Esthetician and see if the treatment is right for you. Also feel free to email our Northside or Short Pump location if you have more questions.

Looking forward to seeing you at Glow for a fresh Fall peel!