What Is A Brazilian Wax REALLY Like?

Bikini Wax RegimenYou still debating trying the whole Brazilian Waxing thing? Understandable. There is a lot to wrap your head around when you’re getting ready to bare all to a stranger and ask for hot wax on you – Ouch. How can it not hurt? Right?!

Well, the good news is that EVERYONE who has ever thought about or tried waxing, much less a Brazilian wax, has had the same thoughts and fears. We help first timers every day at Glow Med Spa try something new and feel the freedom of a Brazilian wax. Below we have a basic step by step of what your trip to the spa would be like and hope it helps you take that step and call today to schedule your first appointment.

Picture with me if you will…

Going into Glow Med Spa Northside is like entering a magical forest. Tucked away over near Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, right off I95 and not 10 mins from Downtown, VCU and University of Richmond, we greet you with a smile and cozy little waiting room nook. Not to mention a glass of wine if it’s after noon and you’re over 21 – talk about helps take the edge off!

The Glow Med Spa Short Pump location is our newer med spa and lovely, too. If it’s a sunny day out, it may take your eyes a few seconds to adjust to the calm ambiance, but as soon as you do – you can check in, enjoy the fire and sip your wine (if after 12pm and your 21!).

All our staff is professional, so don’t worry about the front desk hollering out to the other clients waiting that you’re getting ready to bare your flower. We’re very discrete. 😉  You’ll check in, have a seat and wait for your Esthetician to come fetch you. It’s always a good idea to use the ladies room before your appointment, too.

When it’s your time, you’ll walk back to an esthetics room and be given a few minutes to change (your Esthetician will give you some privacy). You can place your shoes, purse, pants/ skirt and undies in a little wicker basket. You leave your shirt on, use the individually wrapped sanitary wipe for a quick once over, and place on the sassiest disposable thong ever – Ha. Well, not that sassy, but super functional. Some spas don’t use them for waxing, but the Glow Girls have a patented technique where they use the thong to help move elements and keep pieces where they need them while they apply the hard wax and remove it.  (This is one of our tricks for making the experience the Most Painless Brazilian Wax – speed helps!)

Place your wipe wrapper and thong rubber band in the trash nearby and have a seat on the table. Your Esthetician will be back in a blink.

Once she comes back in, she’ll talk you through the position she needs you in to begin and will ask you what type of waxing style you would like. You can go bare, get a landing strip, or a triangle. (more waxing style info here on the Waxing FAQ Page) **Remember** you need at least 2 weeks full hair growth to have a bikini wax. If you have shaved recently, we can’t work on you, so it’s just a big waste of time for everyone. With a dash of planning ahead – you’ll be good to go and ready to go bare!

Glow Med Spa NEVER double dips, but we do use both sides of the waxing stick. We believe in a small environmental footprint and each tree counts.  All Estheticians wear fresh sanitary gloves and are good communicators to make sure you are comfortable. Initially we’ll start with a dark purple hard wax for the longer, thicker hairs. Then we move to a thin pale yellow wax for the thinner stragglers.

The first time is always the ouchiest, but we promise it gets better. We start on the front side, then have you flip to your backside. After all the hair has been removed according to your liking, we’ll smear a little antibacterial lotion to help keep you fresh and relieve any sting.

Wa-la! You’re done. Your Esthetician will meet you at the front desk after you have redressed. Then you pay and book your next appointment. Staying consistent with every 4 weeks is key. It helps with ingrown hairs and decreasing the hair growth in all your hair cycles. Whatever you do — don’t shave in between treatments!!!

Hope this article helps you take the Brazilian Wax leap – CALL TODAY for your appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

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