Get rid of ingrown hairs: 5 easy tips

Do you battle ingrown hairs and many times feel defeated? Well, we hate them too and have our top 5 tips to get rid of them below.

  1. Keep to a waxing routine. Get to Glow on the schedule you and your Master Esthetician decide is right for you. And remember – this may change. One key example = you may need to wax every three weeks instead of four, if you are pregnant. All those mega prenatal vitamins make stronger roots and promote cell growth, thus you know the benefits to the hair on your head… well – same goes for all your hair.
  2. STOP picking at your skin. You take care of yourself and know NOT to pick at imperfections on your face. So what are you doing on your bikini line. Leave it alone.
  3. Use Finipil religiously! Always keep a tube of Finipil on tap and for best results use daily on damp, clean skin after you shower. It helps keep your hair follicles clean and clear of foreign matter than can clog the pore and keep the hair from growing in smoothly.
  4. Exfoliate to clear clogged pores. If you already have ingrowns that are being stubborn, add some SkinCeuticals LHA toner solution. A few squirts on a clean cotton swab and swipe in downward motions over the problem area. This is more gentle than an exfoliation cloth, which can actually cause more issues.
  5. Consider laser hair removal. If you have tried everything and just don’t get the results you want, come get a complimentary consultation from a Laser Technician to see if Laser Hair Removal is right for you. Bye Bye hair = Bye Bye ingrown hairs.

Good luck! And don’t forget to update your Master Esthetician on your next visit with things you try and how they are working!