Show off those sparkeling eyes with Tinting!

Pool time is upon us, RVA.  You know your bikini area will be looking lovely, but have you given much thought to your eyelashes? You can keep battling the water proof mascara OR you can tack on a quick eyelash tint next time you’re in for a Brazilian wax or facial.

Eyelash Tinting at Glow Med SpaEyelash and eyebrow tinting are two easy and pocketbook friendly services offered at Glow Med Spa to make your life easier.  Come in without eye makeup on and 10 minutes later – KABAM! Your face receives instant high contrast star power.

In the New York Times’ Spring magazine (picture featured here), the style editor talked about how all the spring runway shows had high-contrast strong, dark brows on the models. Pat McGrath, who did the makeup styling for Stella McCartney and Versace, was quoted saying, “Big brows are more youthful and raw than perfect ones.”

You know you love your eyelashes to be as dark as they can, so tinting them is a no-brainer. But maybe your not 100% certain about eyebrow tinting yet. Play around with filling in your brows using makeup pencils.  McGrath recommend using two pencils – one matching your eyebrow color and  the other slightly lighter.  He says to draw light strokes in the direction of the brow to create the illusion of texture and depth. You can get more tips here, if you want to try McGrath’s pencil technique before you go for the convenience of brow tinting.

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