Sunscreens You Will Love








Are you a sun lover, like we are? We can’t help it… it calls our name. Vitamin D – right? Well, yes. But it’s also our deep responsibility to make sure you are armed with the best tools to keep your glowing and gorgeous skin protected from what can be harmful UVA/UVB rays.

That’s right – SUNSCREEN! You know you need it, but do you  have one you love? The key is to find the one you can’t live without and wear it everyday — so no matter if you’re beaching it or just walking to your car from work or lunch, you are protected… and looking amazing.

Talk to your esthetician at your next facial appointment about which might be best for your skin, or just swing in and pick up one of these little treasures. We know you’ll be glad you did.

SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion is watery light and wells wear under make-up or as your super “natural” top layer. We cary the non-whitening in SPF 30 and 50, plus the SPF 50 in their natural skin tone tinted formula.

Avène’s Mineral sunscreen is also very light and quickly soaks in to the skin. It’s our newest sunscreen product that everyone is raving about.

Plus, we have a great sports version of SkinCeuticals for those of you runners, golfers or beach volleyball folks.  Think sweat proof and water proof for 80 minutes.