Pregnancy: My Skin Is Changing & Body Is Aching

Pregnant Woman |Glow Med Spa | Prenatal Skin Care & MassageOh the joys of pregnancy; it’s like preparing for a marathon. It’s a lot of hard work and dedication, but at the end the reward is priceless! Glow Med Spa has a team of trained Master Estheticians that are ready to support and help you keep that “pregnancy glow” in your complexion.  Working with a Master Esthetician on a prenatal skincare plan is key. Every woman’s body handles pregnancy differently, so let your esthetician know your pregnant, as soon as you do. They may need to adjust products, recommend at home steps, etc.

Glow’s highly trained Massage Therapists also offer tailored massages to prepare your body for a successful labor and delivery. Below we’ve gathered information about physical and mental issues that commonly arise in pregnant woman. Luckily we also know that many times these “ailments” can be helped through massage therapy.

Some common problems that arise during pregnancy:

  • stretched muscles; joint and muscular pain and tension
  • swelling/edema
  • blood pressure problems
  • trouble sleeping
  • depression, anxiety or stress

Massage can help the mother-to-be and her changing body by targeting some of the above issues. Cramping, tension and pain can cause discomfort in areas like legs, hips and low back. Relief can be brought to these areas with long deep attentive strokes. Your body carries such precious cargo, and massage is a safe and natural alternative for pain relief.

Edema (swelling) of the legs and body is very common during pregnancy because more water is retained in the body to support a healthy placenta. Blood is slow to return from areas such as legs and feet, and elevation of blood pressure may cause some concern. With regular massage, you can increase circulation which helps provide oxygen and nutrients needed for mommy and baby. Lymph fluid moves to release toxins and reduce water retention, also helping to regulate blood pressure.

Sleep can be hard to come by, if you’re experiencing fatigue or insomnia. And sleep is very much needed for our bodies to recharge. Massage can be a wonderful way to relax and promote a more restful sleep.  Mood changes may occur throughout your pregnancy, which can be difficult for you and your loved ones, especially your baby. Stress,anxiety and depression have a chemical effect on the body causing headaches and emotional despair. So having a regular massage can cause the release of serotonin and dopamine for a better mood and sleep, reduction of stress levels and emotional ease.

Though massage is innocent by nature, the first three months are usually the most sensitive. It is recommended to wait till after the first trimester before receiving a massage. Always check with your doctor and or receive a written consent to receive regular massages.

Taking time to fit in prenatal massages is a must (and believe us, you’ll be glad you took the time now because once that baby is here…they get ALL your free time!).

Article written by our Massage Therapist, NaKisha A. Johnson, CMT — Schedule your prenatal massage with her today!