Moisturizer Favorites for the Summer

The Glow Team pulled together their summer moisturizer must-haves. Take a read below for what they are using, then come in for your facial and get a custom seasonal analysis to bring out the best in your skin during these hot summer days.

Question: What type of Moisturizer do you use during the summer months?


Oh, moisturizer is one of my favorite products!! Right now with the crazy kind of hot and cool weather we’ve been having and things being hot and dry one day and cool and humid the next I’m loving Vivite Night Renewal Facial Cream before I go to bed. This is an extra-rich formula that helps promote overnight maintenance and  it aids in the repair of the skin. It contains a 20% glycolic compound so it’s rejuvenating and protecting the skin at the same time.

During the day, I use SkinCeuticles Skin Firming Cream, it’s a  powerful treatment that’s designed to correct early environmental skin damage. It contains ingredients like Ectoin that target environmental aggressors, and Centella asiatica, that helps firm and heal the skin, and  in addition it enhances hydration. For those of you 40 and under it’s our first line of defense in supporting collagen synthesis and it accelerates the skin’s ability to repair damage resulting from UV light, pollutants, and harmful chemicals. Simply a must for me.


Any of Elemental Energy’s body oils and Love Butter, made by Carol’s Daughter. (Patrick makes the Elemental Energy brand – be sure to ask him about it during your next massage!)

 From Denise

I like the  SkinCeuticals A G E Interrupter.


I use Emollience by SkinCeuticals year round, morning and night. Hyluronic acid is a great ingredient to keep your skin hydrated and comes in a gel form with the b5 gel, so it’s great to use alone in the summertime to keep your skin feeling light.


I don’t often wear moisturizer. The best way to moisturize is to drink copious amounts of water! When I do moisturize, I use a homemade blend of either almond, jojoba, or coconut oil mixed with beeswax and whatever essential oil I’m into at the time (currently, sweet orange).


SkinCeuticals or Vivite. Usually the Daily moisture or Face Cream, in the summer and Emollience in the winter. For a body moisturizer, I LOVE, LOVE the Vivite firming lotion. It is expensive to me, so I use it selectively, but I love how hydrated my skin feels. Favorite!

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