MaryJo – C.M.T/Energy Worker

mary jo | energy workerMaryJo’s connection with the earth elements began at a young age while growing up on her family farm.

As a child, she found that her energy was drawn strongest from the earth’s water, animals, plants and trees. She realizes now that she was drawing the synergy from all the flora and fauna around her, and the more time she spent among the elements, the stronger her abilities grew until eventually she found herself experiencing certain “energy moments” and psychic connections to those around her.

She use to think it was just “luck” until she decided to start learning more about the healing power of touch, and that was what brought her to the world of Massage Therapy and the gift that was waiting for her.

It was during her classes that she noticed while massaging people she could see where the knots and pain were  located by the “lights” that flashed beneath their skin. She wasn’t aware this was not a universal experience until she asked her Massage Instructor what caused it, and that was when MaryJo and the entire therapy class became aware of her true gifts. She was blessed with the ability to see light, or as she later came to know it as: Energy, Chi, Chakra’s and Meridian paths.

As she went forward in the world as a C.M.T, her energy work and healing touch grew stronger and with this
connection she is able to bring a balance and well being that not only rejuvenates the body but revives the spirit.

MaryJo is thrilled to have been invited by the Glow Med Spa family as a guest Massage Therapist and is looking forward to bringing her unique style of “ Five Elements and Energy” massage and healing, to all of you.

Appointment Availabilities Below:

Thursday, March 24 at Short Pump
Friday, March 25 at Short Pump
Saturday, March 26 at Short Pump
Tuesday, March 29 at Northside
Each session is 90 minutes, to save the time slot 
each client will need to pre-pay their appointment.