Lash Extension FAQs

How soon should I clean my lashes?

  • Wait until 24 hours after your appointment to use water + cleanser, as the glue is still malleable.

How soon should I get my lashes filled? 

  • We offer fill options at 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and 4 weeks after your fill. Each appointment allows for different amounts of time + lashes, increasing as the weeks go on- they are priced accordingly. Everyone loses lashes at different rates depending on their skin type, their environment, how they care for them, etc. If you want your lashes looking full at all times, book for 1-2 week fills. If you do not lose lashes as often, or if you don’t mind waiting until you’ve had more lash loss, then book for a 3-4 week fill.

What do I do if I can’t remove my makeup before my lash appointment (full set or fill)? 

  • If you have on makeup when you arrive at your appointment, then a lash bath will be necessary to remove oil/debris/makeup (eyelash extensions do not adhere to dirty lashes). This is a 20 minute service that will be added on, and will cut into the time of your lash appointment. If you know that you’ll be unable to remove makeup before your appointment at booking, prebook for your lash bath and start your lash nap early!

How do I know if I am a candidate for lash extensions?  

  • Easy answer- of course you are! Everyone has a different skin type, and lash length, and we customize this service for each and every client. As far as lash length- each eyelash extension is placed on each natural lash with close consideration. We have to choose the extension length based on your natural lash length- your lash artist will choose an extension that is just a few millimeters longer than your natural lash, without exceeding too far beyond its length. If we were to place lashes that were too long/heavy for your specific lash, we would be risking the health of your natural lash which would lead to premature lash loss.

I have very oily skin, and have noticed poor retention with eyelash extensions before. Why is that? 

  • Oilier skin types might notice less retention with their lashes, because the increased amount of oils in their skin/on their lashes will break down the glue. We have a special sealant called Lascara that can be used daily to follow up your lash appointment, meaning those extensions can hold on to even the oiliest of lashes!

I’ve heard that eyelash extensions ruin your natural lashes, is that true? 

  • Absolutely not! It’s important to know that our lashes grow on different cycles, so at all times we have new lashes, lashes that are growing, and full grown lashes that are about to shed. We attach lashes to those natural lashes that are growing- the new lashes can’t support an extension, and the grown out lash will shed within the next few days. This placement is key to healthy lash extensions + lash growth.

When my extension fell out, my natural lash was attached. Is that normal?! 

  • Yes! The reason that we attach the extension to one natural lash is so that when that lash is ready to shed on its own, it will take the extension with it. We want to see them falling out with the natural lash and not on their own.

I don’t know which style or type of lash to get, what do I do? 

  • Book an appointment for a full set and your lash artist can review the different “eye framing” styles and come up with a look that is perfect for you!

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