Healing Massage Package from Tammy

Have you been trying hard to add mindfulness into your everyday life?  Maybe a little meditation? What about yoga and exercise to keep your physical body fresh and active?  Well, Massage Therapist, Tammy, is back after a year in California and ready to help you extend all that effort with a magical massage package.

For a limited time, Tammy is offering a 2-hour Healing Package at $140 that includes:

  • 60min therapeutic massage
  • 30min reflexology
  • 30min reiki

Tammy’s style of work is to take a therapeutic blend of modalities and customize them for her client needs.  Are you familiar with massage, but not reflexology or reiki? Read on!

Reflexology is the use of pressure on the feet or hands done by the reflexologist to produce physical changes in other parts of the body. Often referred to as Zone Therapy, it is a common practice in China and Egypt, and used throughout many alternative medicine practices. Brought here in 1913 by William H. Fitzgerald, M.D., it was modified in the 1930-40’s by Eunice Ingham, a nurse and physiotherapist, who was able to map the body on the sensitive hands and feet through reflexes.  People use it to help their body fight everything from seasonal allergies to headaches and more serious illnesses.

Reiki is a Japanese technique that uses the laying on of hands to release stress and shift the “life force energy.”  Many people report feeling a wonderful glowing feeling and it is safe for anyone to use. By treating the whole body, physical, mental and spiritual, Reiki is beneficial to add peaceful feelings, such as the sense of security and wellbeing.

We think you’ll be thrilled to find this new way to extend your mindfulness and get a great discount while at it. She will be at Northside part time for you to book with and looking forward to helping you in your holistic journey.  (Or just help you kick off the crazy holiday season with a little self care and love!)