Glow’s Signature Relax Massage Package

Massage _ Relax PackageWhen it comes to a relaxing massage, people often think of the three R’s: Refresh, Rejuvenate and Recharge.

Here at Glow we have taken it one step further with our Relax Massage Package.  Begin your massage journey by choosing the sensory destination that most intrigues you. Each 90-minute journey includes your aromatic destination of choice, a full body dry brushing, a face down aromatic aromatherapy, topical aromatherapy through your full body massage, and a sensational foot scrub. Below are the three options – pick which best fits your needs and Enjoy!

            • Refresh… Awaken with Lemon & Lavender  (Neutralizing)
            • Rejuvenate… Stimulate the mind and body with Peppermint & Lime (Cooling)
            • Recharge… Invigorate with Clove & Orange (Warming)

Don’t put off that massage any longer. Call today, 804.262.0330, and schedule your Relax Massage Package at the location nearest you.