Glow’s Classic Lashes Eyelash Extensions – Get Excited!

Have you heard of people getting eyelash extensions, but not met anyone with them yet?

Well, maybe you actually have!  With Classic Lashing you can have those thick, long, natural looking lashes you’ve always dreamed about.

Eyelash Technician placing individual lashes on a female client.  Click for prices and info!

Meet Kaitlin: Classic Lash Technician 

She’s had a long lasting passion for the beauty industry, and anything related to it. Kaitlin was reluctant to think that she could make a career out of it, which is what led me to pursue a Bachelor’s in Science from Virginia Commonwealth University.  After years of suppressing my passion, she found herself intrigued by a newer beauty trend- eyelash extensions! This lead her to researching what she needed to do to become an esthetician.

Kaitin attended The Lotus School of Integrated Professions, where she taught myself to fall in love with all parts of being an esthetician. She loves learning about ingredients, educating clients on how to best take care of their skin and lashes, walking them through each service.

Why Do We love Lash Extensions? 
  1. Instant Confidence! (Your eyes will naturally look more open, youthful and bright)
  2. No Need to wear makeup! Lash extensions naturally enhance your face and take the place of mascara!
  3. They’re light as a feather! Mascara and fake eyelashes weigh your lashes down, but professional lash extensions are weightless!
  4. You look pretty darn cute from the minute you wake up, maybe you ARE born with it 😉
  5. No mascara streaks from all those sappy holiday hallmark movies!

Don’t wait any longer!

Call Glow today to grab a lash appointment with Kaitlin!

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