Glowing Skin For The Holidays

Does your social calendar fill up this time of year? Lucky you! The holidays can be so fun, but also busy. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the season throw your skin for a loop. Stay on top of Glowing Skin with these tips below:

  1. Drink water! The consumption of water replaces other caloric and otherwise unhelpful fluids in your body. That’s right – by simply drinking a little more water you can flush out more of the bad stuff because goodness knows starting with Halloween the sugar is all around, not to mention the cocktails. A good gauge for needing water is your lips. If your lips feel chapped, you’re body is dehydrated. Grab a glass!
  2. Get Sleep. Your weekends may be jam packed with commitments, but try to save a few week night evenings to cozy into bed early and read your favorite seasonal book or magazine. The extra sleep will do wonder for fine lines and dark circles around your eyes, if these give you problems.
  3. Use eye cream religiously! Most of us have years of sleep deprivation layered on us. Sigh. Well, a rich eye cream really can help. Ask your Master Esthetician which product Glow Med Spa carries is right for you. It’s true – they can be an investment, but aren’t you worth it? They can really REALLY make a difference in our facial glow.
  4. Book a facial & wax. Have you slacked off your waxing routine since the bikini went into the “summer clothes bin”? Don’t stop. Not only does irregular waxing make it more ouchy, you lose the benefit of feeling sexy all the time. And for that facial you keep meaning to schedule… Now is the time. The winter months can be rough on the skin. Come in to adjust your skincare routine and Glow all season long!
  5. Try a Hydration Massage. Glow Med Spa’s Massage Therapists are wonderful resources for body hydration. Not only do they have elixirs and special creams to help rebalance your skin’s hydration levels, but they know a ton and often share secret soft skin tips. Snag a 30 min, 60 min, or 90 minute massage and let your to-do list fall to the side for some much needed “me” time.