Glowing Skin, Even In The Wintry Months

We all long for the vibrant skin of our youth… Back when we didn’t notice we had it and carelessly ignored it. Sigh. Alas, we are adults now and battle everything from dry skin and puffy under eyes to pigmentation and crazy hairs.

The ladies of Glow Med Spa pulled together a few of their skin tips to help you beat these wintry months – enjoy!

  1. Hydrate – you know we’ve said it a million times, but really — it helps! Drink tons of water.  A big cup you can keep track of mentally is helpful – and use the time to walk to the office water cooler to blink your eyes. You don’t need any more eye strain or squinting wrinkles!
  2. Keep an eye cream handy. 4pm comes around, and we all get the sleepies. Doing a little makeup touch-up can help give a mental perk-up, but don’t forget to dab a little fresh eye cream at the outter corners of your eyes to help them plump up and look more awake.
  3. Use a tinted moisturizer instead of a powder foundation. Jane Irdale’s tinted mineral moisturizers with SPF are super for the colder months. We even mix them with our daily moisturizer for extra glow factor and pray our skin doesn’t drink up all the goodness too fast.
  4. A smidge of apricot cream blush can add a natural pop of color and highlight those cheek bones without looking like you’re trying to hard or powdering up your glowing skin.
  5. Beat chapped lips with a sugar exfoliant. Before you tuck into your cozy covers at night, wash your face then mix a little olive oil and sugar in your palm. Rub it into your lips and wipe off. Then apply a soothing lip balm and get some Zzzzz’s. Remember that lip stains can aggravate dryness – so go for tinted lip balms or creamy lip sticks.
  6. Try a little facial waxing to snag those crazy hairs. Yes, your eyebrows, chin and nose can start to sprout unthinkable hairs as you get older – ugh.  Glow Med Spa Estheticians have seen it all and help men and women on a daily basis battle these crazy hairs. Stop fretting and come in for their help! It may sound odd or ouchy, but no more so than the ugly, backlit hair you don’t want there.
  7. Keep your hands off your face! This one takes no product… just a little mental attention. Whether it’s when you’re talking on your mobile phone or sitting at your desk thinking about how to solve some work issue, keep your hands off your face. This will help keep blemishes at bay and keep you from any extra tugging on your gentle facial skin.