Are dark under eye circles driving you crazy?

Tired of dealing with dark circles under your eyes? They effect men and women alike and thankfully Glow Med Spa has done some eye cream product “homework” – so you can focus on the solution. Below is a little summary to help. Enjoy!

Your eye area is like a transparent screen that shows off what is happening internally. The cause of dark circles can be attributed to several things; below are 4 lifestyle elements that frequently leave your eyes needing a pick-me-up:

  1. If your nutrition is slightly unbalanced
  2. If you are recovering from a nasty illness
  3. If you have hyper pigmented from UV damage
  4. If you are simply not getting enough sleep for your body to heal and refresh itselfGlow Med Spa | Eye Balm

“That’s my life and probably won’t change right now…sigh.” Don’t feel hopeless! One of our key product lines recommended at Glow is SkinCeuticals. They have fantastic formulated eye creams and one is pointedly named “Eye Cream.” It has ingredients to combat the effects of dark under eye circles, even when your lifestyle doesn’t change. (phew!)

We know you are bombarded by product advertisement all day and night – cheap and expensive. But the benefit of the products we recommend at Glow, as compared to some products sold to a vast general public, is the selectively blended ingredients. It’s also the percentage and potency of these ingredients, that offer a more confident approach to working with and solving your under eye symptoms.

The key ingredients that help get rid of dark under eye circles:

  • Hesperidin methyl chalcone (and) dipeptide (and)pal-GQPR
  • Centella asiatica
  • Ectoin

Plus, it’s a super product to add to your routine and help correct early signs of aging. Say bye bye to puffiness, sagging skin and dark circles by supporting collagen synthesis and accelerating the skin’s ability to repair damage resulting from UV light, pollutants, and harmful chemicals.

Glow Med Spa | SkinCeuticals Side note: If you’re looking for something to help more with puffy eyes, correct age-related damage around the eyes and help firm up the under eye area, you should think about SkinCeuticals Eye Balm. With a high level of three effective antioxidants, plus soy isoflavones and gorgonian extract. It has a super rich, matte base and takes just a little to do a BIG job.

Let go of your eye woes! Here at Glow Med Spa we can certainly help you with those!