Glow’s Favorite Clairvoyant

Donna Pemberton | ClairvoyantDonna Pemberton

Since the late 90’s, I have been a student of Metaphysics and the Holistic Healing Arts. I am Clairvoyant, a Medium, Spiritual Consultant and Spiritual Healer. I have read for private clients for the past several years. I also read for other Psychics.

I have co-hosted for a gifted Psychic in the Chicago area on her Blog talk radio Show. (Relationship Specialist).

I am a contractor on a well known International Psychic Line, reading for clients all over the world.  I work with my Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters.  I use the Tarot to provide accurate and insightful information on Love, Relationship, Career and everything in between. I use Crystals for Energy Healing.
I Dowse with the Pendulum for additional conformation and also for energy work.

I am a Certified Reike Master.  I have also worked with 2 different Paranormal groups in the Richmond Virginia area investigating Haunting’s.  My passion is to help people on their Spiritual path.  I am here to work with people who are grieving for a lost loved one. 
And finally, I teach my clients to manifest abundance of all types into their loves.

And I look forward to meeting you at Glow Med Spa.