The REAL skinny on laser hair removal

Have you been thinking about laser hair removal? Every wonder what it’s really like, how it works, what it costs, etc.?  Well, you’re not alone. Below we’ve answered 6 commonly asked questions we’ve been getting this summer from people interested in laser hair removal at our new Short Pump location.

1. Do I need to do anything before I come?

You MUST shave before coming into get your laser treatment. The laser can not target the hair root without this. We also recommend people bring in a bag of ice. You can place it on the hair removal area to help numb it. (We are all about the least painful laser hair removal!) And remember to use a new, clean razor. Using a new razor ensures there is no lingering bacteria that could cause contact dermatitis after your laser treatment. (Contact dermatitis is a delayed type of allergic reaction of the skin resulting from skin contact with a specific allergen.)

2. What happens when I’m in the esthetician room getting laser?

First of all you will notice a BIG machine, our Candela laser. It is no small beast… but then again neither is your unwanted hair annoyance – or you’d not be there. Right?!  The laser tech has you remove clothing, if needed for whatever area you are addressing, and gives you some rocking shades. (Think Blue Blockers granny wears vs. Ray Bans…These are definitely designed for  function over form.)

The laser machine has a tall arm that holds the laser cord above you.  The laser tech can maneuver it to the appropriate location and when the laser is in use you here a beep. The Candela laser actually sprays ice while it lasers. And each laser blast is super quick – maybe a second, if that.

If you are used to waxing, you’ll be amazed at how quick laser hair removal treatments are. Zap-Zap-Zap and you’re done and out. No lingering side effects… except that awesome one you are looking for… NO MORE UNWANTED HAIR!

3. Does laser hair removal hurt?

Honestly, ya-kinda. But not like “I burnt my hand on the curling iron and feel pain while it heals for the next week.” It’s more like eating sushi with wasabi. You know how wasabi can make you tear up for that second it’s in your mouth, then after you chew up the sushi and swallow, the heat is gone?  That’s kinda what laser hair removal is like. Lots of people say it’s like a rubber band snap.

**And remember that bag of ice! It truly will help.

4. Do the hairs fall out while the laser zaps?

Not exactly. The laser kills the hair from the root. You keep shaving a couple times like normal after your laser hair removal treatment. Then all the sudden you will notice the hair just doesn’t grow back. Thus, the need to shave just becomes nonexistent. Pretty amazing, really.

5. Is laser hair removal expensive?

Feel free to look around town and do some research, but we are confident you will find our laser technology and prices a deal worth indulging. Plus, we don’t lock you into a big package, like some other places. We want you hair free as soon as possible, so each client plan is custom to their hair type and skin type. Check out our laser hair removal prices here for women or here for men. Then call the Short Pump location for a complimentary consultation with a Master Esthetician/ Laser Technician.

6. I’ve heard hair can come back after a few years, is that true?

Everyone’s body is different. Hair grows at different speeds. Hormone changes happen. So sure, a spot treatment may be necessary every now and again.

Check out this “Laser Love Letter” from one of our long-standing clients.  And feel free to email or call us if you have more questions we could help with.