The Lunchtime Peel…

We all remember the scene on Sex and the City where Samantha walks into her doctors office for a “lunchtime peel” and later walks out with red, bloody skin that causes small children to cry and adults to shy away from her on the street in horror!

Ahhh Hollywood! How extreme you can be!

So, okay…many of Glow Med Spas clients want to know: What is this ‘so called’ Lunchtime Peel? What kind of results can one realistically expect?

Lunchtime peels are exactly that, peels you can do on a break and go back to work. They have very few risks and can be done on almost everyone. At Glow Med Spa, we would call this: The Micro-peel.

The Micropeel is wonderful for its ability to treat superficial or surface area skin problems like fine lines, sun spots, rough skin, as well as minor acne .

A Micropeel procedure would start with a gentle cleansing of the skin to remove the surface oils and debre…unless you are sporting the Tammy Faye Baker look…then we might need to pull out our mechanical cleansing brushes and take the cleansing to the next level…just be advised :^)

Following would be the first exfoliation step called Dermaplaning.

Dermaplaning is a skin resurfacing procedure that uses a special surgical blade (dermatome) to gently scrape away the top layer of dead cells, allowing smoother skin to emerge. The process removes all peach fuzz and improves skin scarred from acne as well as minor facial wrinkles. For those who are not a candidate for this procedure, an enzyme exfoliant would be used instead.

The second step of the Micro-peel would be the application of Lactic or Glycolic acid.

The acid is applied to the face and neck area (also the back of the hands if requested). You will feel a mild tingling with the lactic acid, and a slight burn/itch with the glycolic that tends to die down within the first minute or so. The acid remains on the skin for two to three minutes before being neutralized.

Then comes the moment that everyone loves the best! Because we are a Med Spa, we combine our medical skincare procedures with more of a personal/pampering touch to give our wonderful clients a chance to slip away from the daily stresses of the world and just relax while a soothing serum and cream is applied to the skin just before a relaxing, yet very energizing, massage of the neck and shoulders begins…ahhh sweet bliss…we have just now become your new best friend

Once you have drifted away, we remove anything remaining on the skin and continue with the final step of our Micro-peel procedure. Cryogenic Therapy.

This step involves the light application of frozen carbon dioxide in gentle, circular motions that freezes and removes a micro-thin layer of cells from the surface of the skin. Once complete, a sunblock will be applied, and you are done!

We find that the hardest part of the Micro-peel is getting the client to accept the fact the facial is over! Nobody ever wants to leave our calm and relaxing rooms! Not to worry though, we will see you again in two weeks!
Though one micro-peel generally improves the overall look and feel of the skin (evening out the color and texture, and softening fine lines and wrinkles), four to six treatments may be needed to achieve the ultimate desired results…that is…unless you want to go for a much deeper peel and have your own little Sex and the City moment, and if that’s the case….you might want to re-think doing it on your lunch break!

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