Hot wax – what? where? why? Learn about the history of body hair removal

We hear daily how something as simple as a bikini wax can take a woman from dreading bikini season to dreaming of it. Not having to worry about always adjusting your bikini bottoms – phew!Glow Med Spa | Waxing history

Then there are the women who have shot a bit of sexy into their married lives or maybe jump started their newly divorced status with a Bare Brazilian. It’s amazing what a little hair free lady part can do for you.

But who figured this out? We all know shaving our bikini area leaves us with razor burn and ingrown hairs galore. But would we have reached for the hot wax naturally? Probably not, but maybe… Someone did.

Where did this whole hair removal thing start? How long has it been around? Curious much? We could bore you with the details, but think the below summary should just give you enough info to toss into casual cocktail convo… Enjoy!

Pharaoh Pharaoh. Oh Pharaoh let my people go – Go Hairless! The ancient Egyptians around 1150 BC removed all their hair from their armpits to their pubic hair using sugaring. Far it was they who wanted to be animal-like. While people had been removing hair since the cavemen, the Egyptians began the format closest to waxing.

And supposedly the Queen of Sheba surprised Solomon, the King of Israel around 900 BCish, when she walked over a mirror and he got a quick eyeshot of her hair free privates. Possibly the first recorded “Brazilian”.

Then around 500 BC the Grecian barbers practiced hair removal in their shops. And wealthy families of the time had slaves that specialized in hair removal.

The “day spa” is credited for starting during the Roman Empire, 27 BC – 476 AD. Going to daily baths for steam and massages, the men were refined and young men commonly removed their leg hair to show off their stems in their short tunics (sexy!).  From burning their hairs off to using pine resin (kinda like today’s wax) – ouch, but they were looking hot.

These methods were used until after the Middle ages – and then Rome’s fall led to the hairy reign. Yes, the Christian religion brought years of neglected body hair.

Then the Crusades in the 12th and 13th centuries brought in Eastern practices and hair free appreciation again.

From beeswax to sugaring, RIP went their hair. Aren’t you lucky we use a special hardwax that only adheres to your hair, not your skin. Thus, come visit Glow for the Most Painless Brazilian Wax… or you could try the whole burning hairs off thing….