Best Practices for Waxing: How to make sure your freshly waxed skin stays healthy

You come to Glow Med Spa because we take you and your skin needs seriously. From the ongoing education of our Master Estheticians and Waxing Techs  to our constant research of the best skincare products on the market. We put utmost respect into your services and want to make sure you know how to take care of your skin after our waxing services.

What you do following your waxing appointment can prevent the body from reacting negatively to having the wax done.  When you wax, your skin is compromised. We have hair for a reason – protection.  Specifically our pubic hair helps protect the sensitive skin and mucous membranes in the genital region.  But no matter what area you are waxing, very small pieces of the skin’s outermost layer are removed. This process can lead to inflammation where bacteria can get trapped under the skin and go into the body.  Educating ourselves on proper post-wax care can help make sure we limit bacteria and avoid skin infections (may include staph), folliculitis (when hair follicles get infected), and nasty ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs aren’t anything to sniff at. In a Huffington Post article article, Jessica Krant, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in New York, notes, “Pulling a hair out by its roots means a new, thin and weak baby hair will start growing in its place, which naturally has less strength and thickness toward the tip to find its way out of the surface in a straight shot. It can often get caught and get stuck under the surface, leading to an irritated bump that can become infected and long-lasting.”

All our Glow Girls follow each wax with a natural Tea Tree Oil antibacterial product, but you need to continue helping your skin stay healthy at home.  We recommend Finipil as a proactive antibacterial treatment to use after waxing.  Glow recommends using Finipil for 4 days following your wax. THEN start using it again 2 weeks from your wax date until your next appointment, because that’s when the hair really starts to push through and can cause problems.

Finipil is the gold standard in hair removal and is the perfect add-on to pick up after your appointment. Our frequent clients who receive waxing services love this product for these reasons… 

  • Kills 99.999% of germs
  • Reduces redness
  • Approved for daily use (just apply after your morning show before your normal lotion)
  • It cools! – by dropping the temperature of the empty follicle, freezing away swelling due to water retention, hot showers or aerobic workouts
  • Prevents infection of the empty hair follicle
  • Protects against ingrown hairs and rids the area of old ingrowns caused by waxing, shaving at home, and hard water
  • PLUS, Finipil increases the time between hair removal treatments 

If you’ve purchased Finipil before, but haven’t used it in a long time, it might be time for a fresh tube. Like anything, it can expire and be less effective.

Along with antibacterial care, you should also avoid all of the below for the newt 24 hours:

  • Avoid having sex
  • Avoid working out
  • Avoid pools, ocean, lakes, saunas

Always know your Glow Waxing Technicians and Master Estheticians are here for you. If you are concerned about anything after a wax, feel free to call Glow and leave a message for your Glow Girl to call you back. Based on your personal scenario, she will offer suggestions, may want to try something different at your next wax or recommend you see a medical professional for further help.

Now, after all that Finipil applying and post-wax avoiding… be confident that you’re gorgeous skin is looking beautiful and glowing with health. Know you’ve picked the “Best Medical Day Spa in Richmond” and remember that keeping up with your waxing (even in these winter months!) is a must to help your hair growth cycles stay on track and limit ingrown hairs.

We look forward to seeing you soon!