Your Must Have August Massage

It happens more than you know… the relaxing summer months blaze by us, and we are stressed and exhausted from all the fun we’ve been having. Glow’s amazing Massage Team is here for YOU! For the month of August, our team is featuring a delightful new massage. Read more below and come see us — between the price and the take home… not to mention the stress relief, you’ll be glad you did!

Relaxing Lavender Reflexology Massage
70 minutes, $75

Come and let your tension melt away with this reflexology body massage infused with soft lavender cream.  As your body is relaxed on a warm bed, your eyes will be gently covered with an organic lavender eye pillow to soothe the mind.

Your therapist will start with your feet, which will be cleansed then massaged using the ancient art of Chinese reflexology techniques. The pressure points stimulated on the foot will correspond with every part of the body which will have you will falling into a deep state of relaxation during this therapeutic process.

Once completed, the entire body will then be massaged using Swedish flowing movements (unless deeper pressure is requested) and Lavender aromatherapy will be used to help guide in the relaxation process. You will leave feeling relaxed and stress free. The aromatherapy eye pillow is a gift for you to take home and enjoy whenever you feel the need for deeper relaxation.

Creator: Lauren LMT~ RelaxingLavenderReflexologyCreatorLauren

Lauren, a graduate of the Cayce Reilly School of Massotherapy, has always been interested in all types of holistic medicine, and found that she was a natural at massage as well as had a passion for helping people.

Lauren decided to combine the two by integrating her holistic approach to healing with the power of touch and created this massage especially for Glow’s clients to experience just that!

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