A Moment Of Clarity Massage

Created by Nikki, one of our amazing Glow Girls that won “Virginia Living’s 2018┬áBest Massage Therapy Group”!!

In a world filled with endless tasks and constant confusion, we could all use a moment of clarity. Treat yourself to that well-deserved moment with a 90-minute Clarity massage.

This specialty treatment starts with a soothing Swedish massage using a blend of grapefruit and ylang ylang essential oils. The grapefruit oil’s sweet refreshing scent leaves you feeling revitalized after a long day, and the ylang ylang oil will complement this effect with its soft floral tones to Aid in calming your mind.

The last 30 minutes of this delightful experience will conclude with a combination of hot stone and trigger point therapy applied to your back melting away those troublesome hard-to-reach spots and ensuring that all pathways of the mind and body are cleared for your journey to Wellness.

Don’t wait any longer, call and make your appointment today to refresh and clarify!