5 reasons to try Retexturing Activator

Retexturing Activator

Glow Med Spa can’t keep this amazing product on the shelves. Why should you consider picking up Retexturing Activator to incorporate into your daily skincare routine? Let us tell you… then ask your Esthetician if it’s right for you during your next monthly facial. You’ll be oh-so-happy you did.

  1. Retexturing Activator helps your skin cell renewal process – think exfoliation sans the scrubbing. That means your skin turns over faster and you have a smoother texture and actually becomes smoother. 
  2. Surface lines and wrinkles fade away because this little treasure stimulates natural enzymes that break down dead skin cells and helps you shed them faster
  3. It gracefully balances your skin’s moisture levels. Yes, you still need sunscreen, but you’ll need less daily moisturizer because you don’t have to get past all those dead skin layers just hanging around
  4. Your skin will truly be more radiant because it’s turning over faster (Note: your esthetician can give you the nitty gritty on this process, if she hasn’t already!)
  5. This serum actually reinforces your natural skin barrier, helping to minimize pore size by helping to keep your skin clean