What To Expect On Your First Float

It’s time to step out of busy and into relax and refresh. Glow Med Spa believes that YOU are important. We want to be one of your resources to help you pause and enjoy this life you’re working so hard to create.

After a lot of research, we decided to invest in a Salt Water Float Tank at our new Midlothian location.  And now we want YOU to come try it out. For those of you who have yet to experience a float, we pulled together what your experience might be like. Take a read and if you have any questions, feel free to email us!  We also have some Float Pod Therapy FAQs you can read here.

What To Expect On Your First Float

  1. You’ll change your clothes in our “back of the house” restroom located right across from the pod room. There are lockers and robes and slippers waiting for you. You will leave your phone and all personal belongings locked up in there. 
  2. You will walk across the hall with a Front Desk Coordinator who will show you around the pod room and get you familiar with the process.
  3. You will start by taking a shower in Glow’s gorgeous new standing shower before you get into the float pod. You need to use our special, gentle soaps to rid your body of sweat, lotions and other daily build up, so we can keep the pod clean.
  4. The saltwater pod is very clean and runs Micron Filtration, Ultra Violet Rays, and Ozone Generators to keep the water at it’s cleanest. Even better, our powerful filtration system runs 3 complete cycles in between floats, providing our guests with the most sanitary environment possible. So, just step in and pull the pod door down.
  5. You will be provided ear plugs, if you’d like to use them and keep the water out of your ears. Plus there is a simple floating neck pillow that you can use to get used to trusting the saltwater, as you relax.
  6. There is gentle music playing and soft LED lights, but we recommend you close your eyes and try to relax.  Some people call it “sensory deprivation” and use it to create space between their mind and their daily screen-filled busy lives. It has been known to help you turn down that “fight or flight” response, similar to the way mindfulness meditation works. Floating has been proven to help you lower your cortisol levels and brings the immune and hormonal systems back into balance by calming the nervous system. Yes PLEASE!!
  7. When your float is over, a calm jet stream will begin from the top of the pod where your head is. Like little bubble kisses coming to wake you up. And yes, it’s okay if you fall asleep, you can’t turn over or drown. Just rest and relax.
  8. You’ll push the pod door up and climb out into a cozy robe while you wait for your shower to warm so you can rinse all the salt off and wash your body and hair.
  9. We have a hairdryer and lotions for you to use, but be sure to bring a comb and any styling product or make-up you’d like to use.
  10. Great the rest of your day with confidence and calmness. You deserve this.

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We can’t wait to see you at our Midlothian Location in Westchester Commons off Midlothian Turnpike and Highway 288!

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