What Is A Brazilian Wax REALLY Like?

You still debating trying the whole Brazilian Waxing thing? Understandable. There is a lot to wrap your head around when you're getting ready to bare all to a stranger and ask for hot wax on you - Ouch. How can it not hurt? Right?! Well, the good news is that EVERYONE who has ever thought about … [Read more...]

Glowing Skin, Even In The Wintry Months

We all long for the vibrant skin of our youth... Back when we didn't notice we had it and carelessly ignored it. Sigh. Alas, we are adults now and battle everything from dry skin and puffy under eyes to pigmentation and crazy hairs. The ladies of Glow Med Spa pulled together a few of their skin … [Read more...]

Get rid of ingrown hairs: 5 easy tips

Do you battle ingrown hairs and many times feel defeated? Well, we hate them too and have our top 5 tips to get rid of them below. Keep to a waxing routine. Get to Glow on the schedule you and your Master Esthetician decide is right for you. And remember - this may change. One key example = you … [Read more...]

Hot wax – what? where? why? Learn about the history of body hair removal

We hear daily how something as simple as a bikini wax can take a woman from dreading bikini season to dreaming of it. Not having to worry about always adjusting your bikini bottoms - phew! Then there are the women who have shot a bit of sexy into their married lives or maybe jump started their … [Read more...]

Learn why you should have a consistent waxing routine

So, it’s spring in Richmond, Virginia…and  you start your waxing routine. Your first wax is always the ouchiest because you have thick hair roots, but each time you come in it gets easier and easier (phew!). You love the silky, smoothing affects of the Brazilian Bikini Wax.  You tell your … [Read more...]