Float Pod Therapy

Have you been seeking a new way to relax and rejuvenate yourself?  It’s time to try a Float Pod Therapy session at Glow Med Spa. Our new Midlothian Location features a state of the art float pod that allows your body to be suspended effortlessly in close to 1000 lbs of Epsom Salt and warm water and escape the forces of gravity.  You’ll emerge from your session with the renewed energy and a mental calmness you’ve been looking for in  your life.  Check out our great Float Video Page to watch and learn more about floating… we promise you’ll want to be first on our float schedule when we open!

Float Pod Therapy Sessions:

  • 1 hour – $60
  • 1.5 hours – $75
  • 2 hours – $90

Packages of 3 Float Pod Session:
We suggest that you float 3 times as closely together as possible, when you first begin. Consecutive floats will give your brain a chance to acclimate and ultimately result in your body truly “letting go.”

  • Three 1 hour floats – $150 (save $30)
  • Three 1.5 hour floats – $200.00 (save $25)
  • Three 2 hour floats –  $250.00 (save $20)

Float Pod + Massage Packages:
Package of 3-floats and massages must be booked on the same day.

  • 1 Hour Float + 1 Hour Swedish Massage – $330
  • 1 Hour Float + 1 Hour Deep Tissue Massage – $360
  • 1 Hour Float + 1 Hour Sports Massage – $390


A little more about floating…

Have you heard people talking about “sensory deprivation chambers”? They are talking about using a float pod to remove external inputs through Floating. Floating in extremely high density Epsom Salt water is an amazing way to remove the distractions of the external world and focus on the health of your internal world, mental and physical.

Researchers from the Float Clinic and Research Center at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research in Tulsa, Oklahoma, have been doing clinical tests on how the environment of laying in a super saturated solution of Epsom salt and water while controlling temperature, touch, site and sound. They’ve been able to prove this floating technique can relieve everything from spinal pressure and pain to alleviate anxiety.

From spectacular pain relief to a mental stillness only achieved in the deepest of meditations, the Float Pod needs to be on your list for “How to live a more stress-free life.”  Floating can provide you with chronic pain relief, charge up your creativity, and leave you with an all new kind of glow when you exit Glow Med Spa.

Being suspended in the super dense magnesium water solution, decompresses the spine and induces a state of ultra-deep relaxation.  Through intense relaxation, cortisol levels lower and relieve tension stored in muscles. You body’s ability to heal itself from the rigors of modern life, such as stress, lack of sleep, intense workouts, jet lag, and more can be unleashed through  floating which calms the mind and relieves anxiety – both mental and physical.

The top 5 reasons we think you shouldn’t wait to book your Float Pod Therapy session at Glow Med Spa Westchester:

  1. Mental Regeneration:  Floating replenishes neurotransmitters and lowers stress hormones, in turn releasing endorphins, which induces ultra-deep relaxation
  2. Physical Recovery: Floating accelerates the body’s ability to heal itself from the effects of stress, intense workouts, late-nights, and overstimulation
  3. Mental Relaxation: Removing gravity pressures and external stimulations allows you to slip into a meditative state more quickly. Meditation has been building brain science followers and focused studies for years now. This Forbes article has a great snapshot on benefits.
  4. Physical Release: Floating releases muscle tension and decompresses the spine. This can lead to relieving chronic pain. Check this study on The Fibromyalgia Flotation Project, a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, described as a constant dull ache, typically arising from muscles.
  5. Total Recharge: Does your constant travel for work leave you jet lagged? Do you find yourself sleep deprived from late night studying or insomnia? Have you just not been able to find a good life balance and are looking for a way to mentally take a break? Floating is here for you. Come try our Float Pod and tell us what your favorite benefit is!

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