Magnesium Float Pod: Videos on what floating is like and why you should try it!

Are you ready to watch a few great videos that really explain some of the benefits of using float pod desensitization, show you and  talk you through what the floating experience is like and are going to make you want to call immediately?


Glow Med Spa’s Float Pod

Get first hand viewing of what your experience at Glow’s Midlothian Location Float Pod will be like. Hear the creators of our Float Pod share mental and physical benefits, product features and how it cleans itself .  Then be ready to enjoy your first float with us… we know it won’t be your last.


Float Tanks for Better Recuperation

Watch two elite powerlifting and weightlifting champions talk about how restricted environmental stimulus, as obtained in Float tanks and magnesium flotation pools, allows the brain and CNS to recover and recuperate faster – both physically and mentally.


Floating with Stephen Curry and Harrison Barnes

ESPN the Magazine’s Sam Alipour catches up with Stephen Curry and Harrison Barnes to learn more about floating, a sensory-deprivation exercise that allows the pair to recover after games. (click to watch)