Best under-makeup sunscreen… We promise!

Are you noticing that it's taking less and less time in the sun to get more and more freckles (ie: sun damage)? Ouch. I know. We all grow older every day. BUT that doesn't mean we need to show our age on our skin... Right ladies? The Glow Girls swear by this light as water (well, almost!) facial … [Read more...]

Glowing Skin, Even In The Wintry Months

We all long for the vibrant skin of our youth... Back when we didn't notice we had it and carelessly ignored it. Sigh. Alas, we are adults now and battle everything from dry skin and puffy under eyes to pigmentation and crazy hairs. The ladies of Glow Med Spa pulled together a few of their skin … [Read more...]

Vitamin D: 7 reasons to get it from diet vs. sun exposure

Recently the American Academy of Dermatology released an article with tons of research supporting the benefits of Vitamin D being received from the diet, instead of sun exposure. Below we have a the quick-read list. Take a peek and think about how you are getting Vitamin D. Remember: our bodies … [Read more...]

Sunscreen simplified: Broad spectrum UVA/UVB

Like anything, the more simple the process the more likely it becomes habit. SkinCeuticals' sunscreen line is amazingly simple and simply awesome.  With the updated FDA regulations launching into effect this year, manufacturers now have to pass a UVA protection test before they can claim "broad … [Read more...]

Antioxidants as sunblock?

It’s hard sometimes, and very easy to forget, to apply your sunblock…I know. At Glow Med Spa, we always hear “I wear it when I go to the beach” or “When I’m at the river.” But what about when you’re driving in your car? When you’re walking your dogs or shopping at one of Richmond’s awesome outdoor … [Read more...]