Massage Therapy can work wonders on your mind, body and soul. Check out our massage services below and call today to book an appointment with one of our “Dream Team” Certified Massage Therapists. And don’t forget to let the front desk know which massage enhancement you want to add!

Glow Med Spa, Richmond VA

Signature Relax Massage – 90 min/ $110

Relax for 90 minutes with essential oils of Clove and Orange. Receive a full body dry brushing, a face down aromatic aromatherapy, topical aromatherapy through your full body massage, and a sensational foot scrub. Is it wrong we want to say “Yum…”?

Hydrating Rose and Lavender Massage  – 90 min/ $110

Stimulate your immune system and promote deep relaxation with Glow Med Spa’s newest couture massage.  Begin with a full body dry brushing followed by a warm, flowing body massage with rose and lavender infused cream. You will lay on a bed of rose petals and end the experience being cocooned in the petals, while you get a scalp and neck massage. Learn more about rose and lavender health benefits! (Note: Please book this massage at least 48 hours in advance.)

Hydrating Macho Man Massage: Cedarwood + Lavender – 90 min/ $110

Gentlemen, it’s time to relax while being dry brushed and cocooned in cedarwood and lavender. Cedarwood is excellent for giving you grounding and a sense of security. Plus, it has a reputation for oxygenating cells. Cedarwood also increases circulation and lymph, so it also helps with cellulite. (Note: many woman may enjoy this massage, too!)

Swedish Massage

Glow Med Spa’s Swedish Massage technique uses light to medium pressure to increase oxygen flow, release muscle toxins, and ensure relaxation with a heightened sense of well-being. Check out our “What is a Swedish Massage?” article to learn more about this massage method.

  • 30 min/ $45
  • 60 min/ $70
  • 90 min/ $95

Deep Tissue Massage

Glow’s Deep Tissue Massage releases chronic patterns of muscular tension by using slow strokes, direct pressure and friction on a focused problem area. Pressure is typically medium to firm.

  • 30 min/ $50
  • 60 min/ $80
  • 90 min/ $105

Sports Massage

Glow Med Spa’s Sports Massage is your remedy for aching and overworked muscles. By integrating Swedish, deep tissue, compression and stretching, you will release chronic patterns of tension, ease pain, enhance performance and increase endurance. Great for athletes in training or just people exercising to stay fit!

With three different packages, you can pick what amount of time fits into your schedule and what type of investment you want to make on excelling your physical practice.

  • 30 min/ $55
  • 60 min/ $85
  • 90 min/ $110

Reiki Treatment

Curious about the Japanese lineage of energy work? This modality incorporates the channeling of universal energy to promote balancing of the chakras and healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes.

  • 30 min/ $45
  • 60 min/ $70
  • 90 min/ $95


Reflexology is an age old technique manipulating reflex points to bring about balance and wellness in the body. Typically done on feet, longer sessions may include reflex work on hands and ears.

  • 30 min/ $45
  • 60 min/ $70
  • 90 min/ $95

Hot Rocking Reflexology

Combine the body balancing benefits of reflexology with the therapeutic benefits of heat.

  • 30min $55
  • 60min $80
  • 90min $105

Grid Therapy

Reflexology with the use of essential oils on the feet to bring about homeostasis in the body. Oils are chosen based on clients health history and personal session objectives.

  • 30min $55
  • 60min $80
  • 90min $105

Mini foot scrub – 30 min/ $55

Designed for those short on time or a perfect add on to your massage treatment. Includes a gentle exfoliation and invigorating massage with soothing moisturizer.

Prenatal Massage – 60 min/ $80

Enjoy Glow Med Spa’s Prenatal Massage gives you a blissful escape from prenatal discomforts such as swelling, leg cramps, back pain, headaches and fatigue. (Available only after the first trimester.)

New Massage Bundles

Are you looking to enhance your therapeutic wellness through preventative massage maintenance? Done on a monthly basis, massage and massage related modalities have been scientifically shown to reduce stress, ease muscle tension, improve immune function, and much more. Purchase a value package and let our front desk coordinators assist you in setting your appointments up.

  • Purchase 6 one hour services for $360 (a savings of $60)
  • Purchase 12 one hour services for $660 ( a savings of $180)
  • Note: Packages may only be Swedish massage, Reiki, Reflexology or a combo of two of those. (i.e. 30min massage and 30min reflexology)
Glow Med Spa

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Skin Rehydration Massages with Glow Elixirs

Whether you’re looking to moisturize, cleanse and heal your body or calm and relax your dry, cracked skin, you should try Glow Med Spa’s Skin Rehydration Massage. Our Massage Therapists created custom elixirs from natural ingredients like fresh coconut and Shea Butter. They are proven to assist cellular regeneration and protect against the sun’s damaging ultra violet rays.  With gentle to medium pressure and your favorite signature Elixir blend, you’ll leave relaxed with super soothed skin.

Coco Lime Elixir –  60 min/ $85

  • Islanders have used pure coconut oil for centuries to moisturize, cleanse and heal the skin. It’s time for you to relax and feel the custom created body elixir soften, nourish and hydrate your skin.  The heavenly aroma of coconut and lime will make this a heavenly experience. (Almost as good as a week on an island spa!)

Lavender Butter Elixir – 60 min/ $85

  • This Skin Rehydration Massage uses the calming power of Lavender and penetrating Shea Butter to calm and relax rough, dry and cracked skin.  Shea Butter is a revered African beauty secret that is one of Nature’s most dynamic ingredients and has been proven to assist in cellular regeneration and protection against the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. The time is now to give back to your skin while letting the stress of everyday slip away.Massage | Glow Med Spa | Homepage

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