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Richard D. Redman, M.D.

Glow Med Spa works side-by-side with the Dr. Redman and the Advanced  Plastic Surgery Center.  Dr. Redman is excited to offer his medical services in a relaxing spa atmosphere.

Dr. Redman has been a plastic surgeon in the Richmond, Virginia, area since 1984. He chose to be a cosmetic surgery specialist in order to help his patients improve and refine areas of their bodies that bother them. His board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery ensures that Dr. Redman has met the “gold standard” for training in plastic technique.

Glow Med Spa partners with American Association of Plastic Surgery



Always prioritizing continued education courses to stay abreast of the most current innovations in plastic surgery, his membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgery also serves to keep him in the cutting edge of technology. Involvement in the Richmond Academy of Medicine and the Medical Society of Virginia keeps Dr. Redman in touch with the local medical community.Glow Med Spa | Botox by Dr. Redman

While Dr. Redman does not limit himself to one particular type of cosmetic enhancement, he does strive to offer the latest proven techniques and services to his patients. He has the dual honor of being the first physician to offer Laser Resurfacing!

Dr. Redman offers BOTOX® and injectable days right here at Glow Med Spa.  His surgeries take place in Henrico Doctors Hospital, Saint Mary’s Hospital and Stoney Point Outpatient Surgery Center. Visit Dr. Redman’s site to learn more.



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